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23. Januar 2014 4 23 /01 /Januar /2014 19:25

"I've still got your face,
Painted on my heart,
Scrawled upon my soul,
Etched upon my memory baby"


"Painted on my heart" - The Cult


Sometimes you have a good concept for a vehicle in mind, it builds despite all the "good" advice from friends and you create something unique. A car people turning around and saying, "That's something I've never seen!"

The dune is such a car and I've long been thinking 'bout how I could set it in the right scene for my apartment.

Eventually I stumbled on Facebook over a talented man from the UK who does very good car-portraits and also did contract work. Under the name "Metallic Memories Car Drawings & Automotive Illustration" (https://www.facebook.com/metallicmemoriesillustration) he has put some of his work online.

On a request I got called a reasonable price and now the dune is putted on paper in the coming days.

Here is the first intermediate state:




to be continued...

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26. August 2012 7 26 /08 /August /2012 11:00

Das ist die englische Version dieses Artikels. Klicke hier für die deutsche Version


I started at the early friday morning to the motorway service area in Tauberbischofsheim although my LPG-filling connectiviy was broken (i had to drive on fuel - very expensive, if you drive regulary on LPG) and some parts of the car weren't completed. Waiting for my two convoi-partner (one of them had a engine breakdown before he reached us) i take the chance for taking some nice pics of the (from outside) completed "wandering dune" :




New gimmicks are the frontlip of a Astra MK4 (shortened about 10 Inches on the german passenger side, thats why the joint isn't in the middle), the 3-colored radiator grill (a good idea of Fiero-Girl), the red fibre-glas antenna (original opel accessory) and the curb-feelers




i think, it can't be done more retro-styling without welding at a facelift-nova




the backend uplift is now only slightly to see. That comes from the loading... for a carmeeting over a whole weekend you need things like a basic selection of tools, a tent, table and chair etc.


(Raider was the name of Twix in Germany 'til 1991 - cause i'm a child of the 80s (and a retro guy also) i name the symphony of crispy biscuit, soft brown caramel and choclate Raider although the most people have forgotten this old name)




at the Backend there are some nice orignial Opel Mudflaps now (an absolut no-go in the normal german "bling-bling" tuning culture - but what do i care? My car and myself too don't want to be "normal")




As "Schweineri" (a buddie from the Fusselforum (german Rat & Retrocar Forum)) and his girlfriend arrived we were on the way... very strange if there is following you a VW Golf Mk II.....



(c) by Schweineri


...wenn it looks like this...."Schweineri" call him "Horscht" (an very old male Name in Germany)..... an absolut recycling project....

The trip wasn't spectular....with enough breaks and after a little shopping session in the shopping mall of Pößneck we went to the Meeting Area. At first the obligatory meet & greet with our buddies from the Fusselforum (We hit the Rust 'n' Roll with a group from over 20 Cars) were we emptied the first bootles of beer, then building up our tents...




that "small" brown tent, wich is bigger than the "wandering dune" was mine




"FlauKo", wich is building up a Opel Kadett C Caravan (the german Version of the Vauxhall Chevette) catched up a pretty ride out of his familiy vehicles .... a Moto Guzzi 1000 with ATM, wich was in her first live at the italian police




Another pic of  Schweineri's strange interpretation on the theme Golf Mk II




"Ultra" came with a self builted panelvan-conversion of a VW Caddy Mk I in A-Team-Design...




naturally with same designed caravan and his dog Atlas....




The clearance height (brought by Hi-Jackers) was impressing... it's possible to work on the the last third of the car without a car jack.... there are not so much carowners, wich can say this




"Santeria"'s LPG-Jetta Mk II with Golf Mk. II-Front was taken for a long test on the dirt track in Pößneck




The engine on "Matz" VW Polo was swaped one week before .... it rolled out 2 days before the Meeting




"Ragnoerk" came with a rare piece of metal... a Lada 2101 wich he named "Rasputin"




"Flitzpiepe" (wich nobody thought that he come to the meeting) came driven with his half-finished Buggy from Rhineland-Pfalz (ca. 250 mls without a roof - tough guy)




in case of less space he mounted seats from a Smart Fortwo




alternative to a Bug-Engine there is a engine that has a bit more Kick - Ford V6 :-D




"Elger" came with "Bückstabü" his Schirocco Mk. II -Daily which never seemed to be finished ;-)




"MaxSchmerz" came with a well patinated Opel Admiral B Hearse, wich he has pimped a little bit




Opel lettering and -flash are sprayed as Stencil





The design of the doors will earn strange looks by "normal" people :-D




"KLE" (The Admin of the Fusselforum) brought his hearse also.... (a Mercedes Benz W114 with Rappold-Conversion)

the gag of the car is the bumbercar-style painting job with copper as base-color an lots of metal flakes and glossy clear coat... and not sprayed - rolled!


My cam wasn't able to catch the deepness and shine of the paint job, sorry for that :-(




"Christoph" came with his Retro-Omega (Vauxhall Carlton)




"Wrecksforever" came with a bug wich has a artifical old an very used Optic




We sat long together and drank a lot....the night was very cold... about 0630 the first "Morning Zombies" came out of their tents and cars... the rising sun was a good compensation for the freezing 55°F (13°C) wich it had.







At 8 o'clock i went up to the kitchentent on the meeting-area...filling in some nice breakfast and hot coffee ;-) after that i walked a round over the area (It had enough room for 1000 Cars...over 700 we're there) and looked what other people has builded in the last year... about 13 o'clock we went to the driver meeting for the big convoi (This year we were a convoi with over 370 cars, motorbikes and moped's - over 100 more than last year)






Here you can see a vid driving through Pößneck...  




Click here for pt. 2

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25. August 2012 6 25 /08 /August /2012 08:00

After nearly two years writing articles in german on this blog, I decided to translate some of the (imho) most interesting ones in english. I try to get capturing all the jokes and explanations as good as i can in english, but if its hard to understand or you've got a better way to write it, feel free to write me your suggestions in following way:


-title of the article-


-original sentence in the blog-


-suggestion of you to improve the article-


- if you want: why its better to write it like you think -


- your name (I name all people that helped me to improve the articles at the end of them)-


please send the suggestion to lessons-in-english@makrochip.de


Most of my hits on the blog come from people using search machines like google, yahoo etc. so it can be, that sometimes they search for something and they will get the article in the wrong language. In case of this the articles wich are translated in english will have a short phrase that includes a link to the german Version and the german ones will have a phrase that point to the english ones.... so everybody can read my articles in the language that can be better understand...


Subscribe the blog, so you don't miss an article. (you also can search and add me in Facebook (Germany -> Makrochip), I put links to every article on my account)








--- improved with help from: wrecksforever ---

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